Fall '22 Lookbook
Our fall collection taps into the spirit of the wild—bold, ferocious looks fit for the queen of the jungle.

Inspired by our nostalgia for ‘90s-era freedom, we draw from those iconic styles but add our signature twist.

This collection features a range made from factory leftovers—meaning they’re as good for the environment as they are for your style.

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Scrap is the New Black

All of the patched-up pieces in this collection are made from collected factory left-overs—the remnants that would otherwise be discarded. We grab the leather before it gets wasted, and each unique style is hand-sewn by our artisans.

The best part is that this is not just from our factory floor, but also collected from other facorties in an effort to maximize environmental benefits.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Their untamed ferocity is what sets Wild Cats apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. They live unapologetically, prowling through the world on a hunt for what makes them come alive.

If you see one in the wild—keep your distance.

Call of the Wild

It beckons you with its unmatched sense of possibility—the promise of an adventure yet to unfold. Pay no attention to the rules, for a Wild Cat's fiery desire is insatiable. How will you answer the call?

Into the Wild

With the wind on your back you set off into the unknown—wild and free. Driven by passion and fueled by fire. Untamed. Unmatched. Understated, yet unforgettable.