Our leather


Understated Leather appreciates that our customers are ahead of the fashion game and don't need to be warned of the natural unique differences with real leather products. Our customers wrote the book on trend setting and know that any true leather piece will only continue to get better with age. Our customers appreciate the unique qualities hand made leather products and come to us expecting to find a piece that will grow with their style. 

Leather is a natural organic material, individual characteristics are exclusive to every single hide. Over time the leather will appear rustic as the hide embraces a patina that is unique to the user. Daily activities and life experiences including sun exposure, handling, water, and conditioning will aid this natural process.

Understated Leather sources leather materials that exclusively a bi-product of the meat industry to minimize our wasteful footprint. A safe and kind work environment is present for all involved in the making of each item. 


Vegetable tanned leather has powerful characteristics and over time, with usage and treatment, will darken and soften. The natural ageing process of natural vegetable tanned leather can be fast tracked with sun exposure, constant wear and oil treatment. 


Naked cowhide leather is a premium soft leather that looks and feels natural. Hand selected full grain leather hides are chosen for uniformity as only the highest quality can be used to make naked leather products. Naked leather has been drum dyed, but no other treatments or finishes are applied. This means the hides are very clean with the least amount of natural imperfections.


We recommend professional leather dry cleaning services only. Various leather conditioners are readily available but please read the label carefully to ensure that the product suits the hide or it may cause more damage then good. 

For additional info please email info@understatedleather.com